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New research shows Fucosylated oligosaccharides in mother’s milk can alleviate effects of caesarean birth on infant gut microbiota

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New research published in September 2018 analyses microbiota composition in infants and the presence of 2’FL in maternal breast milk.  Comparing the milk of mothers that secrete 2’FL and those that do not, the research included infants born vaginally and via caesarean section.  Infants of non-secretor mothers are particularly vulnerable to the effects of caesarean section on the early microbiota development. 

The combination of caesarean birth and a lack of milk 2’FL potentially lead to increased risk of allergic diseases.  Specific interventions such as supplementation with bifidobacterial, bifidogenic 2’fucosylated HMOs like 2’FL or other compounds could be effective in reducing allergy incidence.