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Ryan Carvalho - HMO

Video Teaser: Learnings from the last decade of clinical evidence on HMOs

with clinical evidence to support immunity and the developing microbiome. This is a video teaser

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Protein: The facts

Proteins are an essential part of the daily diet. They are major functional and structural components of all body cells, and participate in virtually all biological processes. The roles of proteins expand beyond their role in maintaining body protein mass and satisfying metabolic demands for biosynthetic pathways. Other important body functions include immunity and host defenses, linear growth and associated mental development. Foods from both animal and plant sources may contain similar levels

Carine Blanchard Gut Talk Series landscape

Gut Talk Series: Nestlé Research expertise in probiotics and infant protection

in the host gut, thus influencing systemic immunity


2’fucosyllactose is well tolerated in a partially hydrolysed Whey Protein Infant Formula with a probiotic

in modulating cellular immunity. 2’FL when added to infant formula is safe and has potential clinical, group could suggest a role of 2’FL in the development of immunity in babies. The researchers


Membrane composition and cellular responses to fatty acid intakes and factors explaining the variation in response

Dietary fatty acid intake has a profound influence on the lipid composition of cell membranes as well as the membranes of mitochondria. Professor Carlo Agostoni reviews the far-reaching effects of dietary fatty acids on modulating immunity. What are the mechanisms through which this occurs? Fatty acids are important components of lipid mediators, such as PIP3 and ceramide. They can also influence the action of transcription factors, such as the PPARs, which in turn affect gene expression


Neuroinflammation and docosanoid signaling in synaptic circuitry: new mediators for neurprotection and long term rescue

the balance between inflammation and immunity that is central to the process of aging and degeneration


Understanding immunomodulatory effects of probiotics

to discover potential new modulators of immunity

Valerie Verhasselt

Influence of Breastfeeding on Immune Trajectory and Long-Term Health

A, Immunoglobulins and allergens in mucosal immunity in early life and long term allergic disease