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Even before COVID-19, prospects for achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for nutrition were bleak. Progress in areas such as poverty reduction and child mortality reduction has slowed, and COVID-19 has caused additional hardship. The problem is most concentrated in Africa and South East Asia.

Food production produces 25% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and covers 40% of ice and desert-free land. By 2050, the world population will require 100% more protein, with the hungriest populations concentrated in regions most susceptible to the impacts of climate change.

We face a global health paradox: 2.1 billion adults worldwide are overweight or obese, while 821 million people face hunger and malnutrition. In children, malnutrition can result in stunting, wasting, overweight and micronutrient deficiencies.

Prof. Cooper led through the different guideline recommendations. Concentrating on recent data on the use of paracetamol and the applicability and safety of oral NSAIDs, he summarized that there are quite similar AEs observed with paracetamol at standard doses and those with NSAIDs including an increasing incidence of mortality, and that all these drugs should be used judiciously in Osteoarthritis.