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What is the evidence that nutrition affects brain outcomes in high-risk infants?

Speakers: N. Embleton

Presented at NNI European Meeting 2018: Early Nutrition Influence


In this presentation, Nicholas Embleton examines evidence regarding the effect of nutrition on brain outcomes in high risk infants.  He talks about pre-term babies both pre- and post-discharge from hospital as well as high risk full-term infants.  It has been recognized for many years that good nutrition is a key factor in improved survival and less morbidity.  As more babies survive, their nutritional needs become more complex. 

Nicholas Embleton reviews brain growth and explains how a short deficiency of energy and protein intakes can have a detrimental effect on brain development.  He looks at various studies on the differing impacts of breastmilk, formula and donor milk on IQ, brain size and white matter development.