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Catherine Forrestell

Video Teaser: Taste development, Perception and Food preference in Young Children

Speakers: Catherine Forestell


Although children are predisposed to prefer sweet-tasting foods and beverages and to avoid bitter-tasting foods such as green leafy vegetables, throughout development parents play a central role in shifting these food acceptance patterns. Beginning before birth, the fetus detects the continually changing flavor profile of amniotic fluid, which reflects the mother’s diet. During breastfeeding, these sensory experiences continue. Upon the introduction of solid foods, repeated exposure to a variety of healthy foods further promotes preferences for these foods and acceptance of novel foods. In addition to providing early flavor exposures, parents can also shape children's flavor preferences by modeling healthy eating behaviors and by creating supportive feeding environments.


This is a video teaser with key points from the presentation of  Prof. Catherine Forestell during the 95th NNIW. Click on the link below if you want to see . Catherine Forestell’s full talk: