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Fernanda Grande SQ

The importance of food composition data for estimating micronutrient intake: what do we know now and into the future?

Speakers: Fernanda Grande

Presented at 93rd Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop - The Global Landscape of...


Reducing all forms of malnutrition represents a great challenge in many countries and recognizing population intake deficiencies is the first step to solve this problem. In her presentation, Fernanda Grande takes a close look on the importance of food composition tables or databases (FCT/FCDB) as an essential tool for dietary assessments, once they provide the information required to convert food consumption data into energy and nutrient intakes.  Low-quality FCT/FCDB may introduce errors in the intake assessment resulting in under- or overestimated intake for a certain micronutrient. Poor food composition data may lead to wrong conclusions resulting in the development of misleading policy and programs in nutrition to improve nutritional status, especially for micronutrients, of individuals and population.