Preterm Infants: How Safe are High Protein Intakes? (videos)

Preterm Infants: How Safe are High Protein Intakes?

Hans van Goudoever


Postnatal growth failure is widespread among small premature infants. Growth failure is linked to cognitive impairment in a dose-dependent fashion. Protein is considered the driving force of growth for (preterm) infants, when energy supply is in surplus. To prevent growth failure, recommendations from pediatric societies around the world showed a gradual increase in amount of protein over years. Not only for enterally fed, also for parenterally fed infants,  amino acid recommendations also showed an increase in amounts, and, as importantly, a reduction in time to withhold amino acid administration following birth. In this presentation Prof. Hans Van Goudoever  discusses importance of the adequate protein supply for preterm infants to prevent growth failure and avoid excessive intakes

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