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Antonio Cherubini

Nutritional Solutions to Address Age Associated Cellular Decline and the Aging Immune System

Speakers: Antonio Cherubini and Rajagopal V Sekhar. Moderator: Matteo Cesari


Aging is the primary factor responsible for the progressive loss of physiological integrity, onset of diseases, functional impairment, and increased vulnerability to negative health-related outcomes (including death). Understanding how we biologically age may help us to characterize the way in which clinical phenotypes develop. The pre-clinical approach to the study of age-related conditions implies the introduction of the concept of aging into clinical practice. It means abandoning the obsolete construct of categorical diseases in favor of a new model of research focused on the common/shared pathophysiological basis of clinical manifestations of aging people.

In this symposium, the common symptoms of and mechanisms contributing to age associated cellular decline will be discussed. Antonio Cherubini will present report on the accelerated aging and cellular decline expert consensus and framework, and Rajagopal V Sekhar with review the impact of a novel nutritional approach on reversing age-associated mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress. Special attention will be given to those mechanisms that are particularly related to the aging immune system.