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Lorenne Ritchie

NNIW95: Transition from Breastfeeding & complementary feeding to "toddler nutrition" in childcare settings

Speakers: Lorrene Ritchie

Presented at 95th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop - Building Future Health and well...


Childcare has broad reach to young children in the United States. Yet, not all childcare settings have nutrition standards for what and how foods and beverages should be served to infants as they transition to toddlerhood. The purpose of this paper is to describe a set of nutrition standards to guide feeding young children in childcare settings in the U.S. The nutrition standards were designed to address both what and how to feed young children and include nutrition practices that are important for health and feasibly implemented in childcare settings. Infant standards include recommendations for vegetables, fruits, proteins, grains, and breastmilk and other beverages. Also included are recommendations for bottle-feeding, introducing solid foods, and promoting self-regulation in response to hunger and satiety. Toddler standards are expanded to address the frequency as well as types of food groups, beverages, sugar, sodium and fat. Feeding practices include meal and snack frequency and feeding style, as well as for the promotion of self-regulation among older children.