Microbes, metabolism and autoimmunity (videos)

Microbes, metabolism and autoimmunity

R. Xavier


While incidents of infectious diseases around the world have decreased, there has been a clear spike in various immune disorders from allergies to autoimmune disease, manifesting in uncontrolled inflammation. 

Ramnik Xavier’s presentation concentrates on the gut microbiome and how it affects human health.  Composition and function of the gut microbiome is profoundly impacted by the rapidly changing environmental pressure of modern life: this can lead to breaks in immune tolerance and a “broken circuit” of inflammation in genetically susceptible individuals. 

The gut microbiome is affected by genetics, how you were born, where you live, your standard of hygiene, diet, nutrition and exposure to antibiotics.  The presentation looks at diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and demonstrates that drugs are not always effective in treatment.  Dr Xavier outlines future research plans which aim to define a new generation of probiotics for ultimate health.

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