Lipid metabolism in high fructose fed humans (videos)

Lipid metabolism in high fructose fed humans

L. Tappy


Global sugar intake was very low until the 18th century, since when consumption has increased between twenty and thirty times. High fructose corn syrup, which is a mix of glucose and fructose, began production in the 1970s and has changed the way the world ingests sugars. 

In this presentation, Luc Tappy explains how fructose is digested and asks if it is toxic, and if so, why?  He looks closely at various high fructose diet studies in humans around the world, examining the effects on dyslipidemia, intrahepatic lipids and glucose homeostasis. 

He also examines whether sugar reduction in overweight people can correct metabolic alterations that have occurred in the body alongside the role of exercise and the inclusion of macronutrients and proteins in the diet. 

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