Lactational Mastitis - Is there a Role for Probiotics? (videos)

Lactational Mastitis - Is there a Role for Probiotics?

J. A. Hurtado Suazo


Recent research has shown that the probiotic strain Lactobacillus fermentum, a bacteria naturally found in the breast milk of healthy mothers, is a promising solution to help reduce the risk of breast pain and mastitis in lactating women.

Mastitis, is a painful condition which very often may lead to cessation of breastfeeding.  Dr Jose Hurtado explains that mastitis can be caused by factors that favor milk stagnation in the breasts such as: missed feeds, poor attachment of the infant, blocked milk ducts; and maternal stress and fatigue. Growing evidence suggests also that the overgrowth of potentially harmful bacteria present in human milk can lead to mastitis. Oral probiotics are beginning to emerge as a natural and effective way to manage and reduce the risk of this condition, and more on-going studies will provide further guidance for nursing women globally.

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