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Interview with Usha Ramakrishnan: What, when and how young are children fed?

Speakers: Usha Ramakrishnan

Presented at 93rd Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop - The Global Landscape of...


In this interview, NNIW93 speaker Usha Ramakrishnan discusses a summary of when does it all begin: What, when and how young children are fed. The first two years of life are a critical period to promote proper nutrition and dietary behaviours for optimal growth and development. Yet, almost 700 million children worldwide are suffering from malnutrition. While undernutrition remains a significant problem, there continues to be an increase in the number of children who are becoming overweight as we undergo the nutrition transition. This transition is causing a shift in both dietary intake and physical activity which can impact childhood growth and development. Thus, this presentation discusses the importance of identifying recommendations and interventions that will adequately prevent both the under and over nourishment of children starting in infancy.