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Interview with Sant-Rayn Pasricha: How do you safely implement micronutrient interventions?

Speakers: Sant-Rayn Pasricha

Presented at 93rd Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop - The Global Landscape of...


In this interview, NNIW93 speaker Sant-Rayn Pasricha discusses balancing safety and potential for impact in micronutrient interventions.

Almost 300 million children under-5 years are anaemic worldwide. Iron deficiency has traditionally been considered to account for half of these cases. International policy makers recommend universal distribution of iron-based interventions – either iron supplements or iron containing multiple micronutrient powders to alleviate the burden of anaemia in young children. More recent analyses indicate that the burden of anaemia attributable to iron deficiency is less than originally anticipated. Sant-Rayn Pasricha details in his presentation the available and not so clear evidence, for both benefits and harms from iron in infants.
Watch Sant-Rayn Pasricha's full presentation "Balancing safety and potential for impact in micronutrient interventions" here: