Infant and child nutrition and cognitive development (videos)

Infant and child nutrition and cognitive development

W. Oddy


It has long been understood that the human brain reaches 80 percent of its adult weight during the first two years of life due to its relatively faster growth and higher nutritional sensitivity. 

In this presentation, Wendy Oddy looks closely at the relationship between breastfeeding and early childhood nutrition and cognition, development and educational outcomes.  Her research is based on the ongoing major Australian Raine Study, which is following nearly 3000 individuals, from pre-conception up to 26 years, collecting phenotypic and biological data on a regular basis starting in 1989.  

It is clearly proven that the diet from birth to one year old has a significant influence on verbal and non-verbal cognitive ability in the long term.  The period of early life, when the infant diet is transformed into an adult-type diet may not only start a life-long healthy eating habit, but may also determine their developmental potential.

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