The Importance of Dietary Protein at Breakfast in Childhood (videos)

The Importance of Dietary Protein at Breakfast in Childhood

L. Karagounis


In order for the body to maintain a healthy and normal steady state of lean body mass, body proteins constantly undergo breakdown and synthesis. The rate at which lean tissue is synthetized must equal the rate at which it is being broken down in order to maintain body protein levels.

During growth, not only is there an increase in the net deposition of protein, but the rates of both protein synthesis and breakdown are also increased leading potentially to an increased demand of dietary protein in conditions of increased turnover.

When referring to growth, the growth potential of an individual in height and overall shape tends to be genetically determined so that each individual follows a growth curve canalized in terms of both extent and time course if conditions are favorable, where nutrition status may be classed as such as a favorable condition. To this end, identifying specific moments throughout the day whereby whole body protein balance is in a net negative state may provide key opportunities for specific nutrient provision with the aim of optimizing whole body protein accrual.

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