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Kim Michaelsen

Breastfeeding, Breast Milk Composition, and Growth Outcomes

Speakers: K. Michaelsen

Presented at 89th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop: Recent Research in Nutrition &...


The following issues will be described and discussed:

  • Growth pattern in BF infant compared to formula fed infants and the background for developing the WHO growth standards based on BF infants.
  • Effect of BF on early body composition pattern and later risk of obesity.
  • Effect of BF on growth related hormones e.g. IGF-I, leptin and insulin.
  • Is BF programming the IGF-I axis and what is the effect on linear growth later in life.
  • What aspects of human milk composition have an effect on infant growth: e.g. macronutrients, HMO and appetite regulating hormones?
  • How is BF affecting growth in low- and middle-income countries?