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Thomas Stocker

Anthropogenic climate change: curse or opportunity? - Thomas Stocker


The major driver of anthropogenic climate change is the dramatic increase of CO2, in the lower atmosphere since the industrial revolution. It is higher than ever before in the last 800 000 years. As a consequence, the mean annual temperature is rising worldwide, since recording dating back to 1880. Climate change projection includes further warming, which affects human health, the global water cycle and the resource of available land. Climate change is furthermore a threat to sustainable development. But without achieving certain sustainable development goals, climate change mitigation cannot be realized. A fourth industrial revolution is needed that goes beyond decarbonization recognizing the need for sustainability.

This is a video teaser with key points from the presentation of Professor Thomas Stocker during the Nestlé International Nutrition Symposium - Nourishing the World. Click on the link below if you want to see Professor Thomas Stocker's full talk.