NNIW90 - Human milk: composition, clinical benefits and future opportunities

Editor(s): A Lucas, B Lönnerdal, S Donovan, B German. 90

Human milk presents the optimal nutrition for infants and is key to sustaining health and building the foundation for growth and cognitive development.

Rapidly-advancing technology has allowed us a closer look at the different components of human milk and shed light on their biological effects on growth, metabolism, cognition, and immunity. Yet researchers face many challenges in their quest to unravel its complexities. An understanding of human milk is inextricably linked to an understanding of the biology of the growing infant

The 90th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop brought together the world’s experts on human milk, to discuss the full spectrum of our knowledge of human milk, from the history and mechanics of breastfeeding, its physiological effects, to the new surprises revealed by metabolomics and comparative biology.