NNI News - Update: Nutrition Issues

Editor(s): Dr. Mike Poßner, Herbert Lechner M. A..

Compo­sition of the child‘s intestinal microbiome plays an important role in functional gastrointestinal disorders. Likewise, human milk oligosac­charides, HMOs, evidently have an influence on the development or prevention of gastrointestinal dis­eases. It is likely that they contribute significantly to the protection of the child‘s body. Childhood overweight and obesity are not diseas­es in the strict sense, but paediatricians and nu­tritionists are increasingly confronted with these problems. Can long-term consequential damage be avoided or at least limited through early interven­tion, targeted counselling and dietary change? Some interesting research results on different nutrition issues have been published recently and are summarized in this NNI News brochure.