Healthcare interventions for the prevention and control of gestational diabetes mellitus in China: a scoping review

Editor(s): Tingting Xu, Yasheng He, Livia Dainelli, Kai Yu, Patrick Detzel, Irma Silva-Zolezzi, Sheri Volger and Hai Fang.

The paper, “Healthcare Interventions for the Prevention and Control of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in China: A Scoping Review”, was the result of a cooperation between Nestlé and Peking University (Beijing). The study identified, among 802 articles selected, all the healthcare interventions aimed at GDM prevention and treatment in China. Treatment interventions were categorized into 6 types: dietary (18.6%), exercise (1.6%), medication (20.7%), health education (9.0%), psychological (2.6%) and combination (47.4%). Dietary, western medication, and combination were the most effective interventions. No intervention aimed at GDM prevention