Differences in complementary feeding of 6 to 23 month olds in China, US and Mexico.

Editor(s): Denney L, Reidy KC, Eldridge AL. .

Dietary surveys were conducted for infants and young children in China, United States (US) and Mexico. A total of 3103 infants and toddlers aged 6-23 months were included (China n=906, US n=1430 and Mexico n=767). Dietary intake information was collected using 24-hour recalls. Complementary food consumption varied considerably across the 3 countries. Early feeding of relatively high amounts of empty calorie foods, such as sugar sweetened beverages and sweets and high consumption of low-nutrient dense food such as rice was observed. These findings provide culture-specific and food-based information for healthcare professionals in these countries to offer more targeted guidance on improving complementary feeding practices.