Nutrition Publications

Here you will find freely downloadable publications on the latest nutrition topics, such as early infant nutrition, nutritional avenues to allergies, sports nutrition, and nutrition in disease states such as dysphagia or critical illness. All 3000 papers are organized across categories to make it easier for you to find specific information. If you are missing a reference you can also use our search function.

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Latest Publications

Annales Nestlé 63 / 3

The Epidemiology and aetiology of childhood cancer. Leukaemias and Lymphomas in Children solid tumours in Children...

Annales Nestlé 69 / 3

Food allergies is a public health issue affecting approx. 5% of young children and is on the rise. The 69/3 issue of the Annales summarizes the impact...

The Nest 37

This issue of The Nest looks into three very different important topics on nutrition in infancy: probiotics in the management of gastrointestinal disorders; how correctly learning how to chew can have an impact on the acceptance of new textures during weaning and beyond; and the importance of Vitamin D supplementation and the consequences of deficiencies.