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Controversies in Critical Care Nutrition

Critical Care / Surgery
CE Accredited Program

This program addresses the quality of evidence supporting early enteral feeding during critical illness. Some large studies comparing outcomes based on trophic vs. full feeds suggest no difference. Enhance your knowledge about why research can be true or false and how the truth relates to reproducibility. Research studies should be evaluated closely, including the study protocol, methods, and study population to determine the quality of evidence. As the gut is the largest organ, playing a significant role during critical illness, learn how the lack of early enteral feeding contributes to the loss of gut barrier defenses, immune dysregulation and progression from a commensal microbiome to a virulent pathobiome.

Original program date: Not available
Expiration date:
Jun 26, 2021
Continuing education

1.00 CPEU for dietitians
1.00 Contact hour for nurses

CDR level:
57 minutes
Program description:
Program Objectives:

Explain the quality of evidence in the literature supporting early enteral feeding in critical illness.
Describe the clinical impact from loss of gut barrier defenses, immune dysregulation, and progression from a commensal microbiome to a virulent pathobiome.
Identify new ways by which nutritional therapy can support the intestinal microbiome and promote a clinical pattern of recovery in an ICU setting.


Stephen A. McClave, MD