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Pediatric Assessment Tools - Module 2: Determining nutritional requirements and prescribing nutrition

Infant / Pediatric
CE Accredited Program

Nutrition screening and assessment tools to help identify malnutrition in the critically ill children

Original program date:
Sep 06, 2018
Expiration date:
Feb 03, 2022
Continuing education
Program description:

1. Rationale for accurate calculation of nutritional requirements
2. Metabolic response to critical illness
3. Estimating energy requirements
3.1 Indirect calorimetry (IC)
3.2 Predictive equations
4. Nutrition prescription in the PICU: Enteral nutrition (EN)
4.1. Protein metabolism and requirements
4.2. Carbohydrate metabolism and requirements
4.3. Lipid metabolism and requirements
4.4. Other components
4.5. EN formulas
5. Nutrition prescription in the PICU: Parenteral nutrition (PN)
6. Test your knowledge 

Program Objectives:
  • To understand the rationale behind accurate determination of nutritional requirements of a critically ill child
  • To understand how protein, carbohydrate, fat metabolism and energy requirements vary according to critical illness
  • To understand the value of indirect calorimetry in calculating energy requirements
  • To be aware of the predictive equations used to estimate energy requirements in the PICU
  • To know the daily requirements for protein, carbohydrate and fat in critically ill children
  • To be able to prescribe optimal EN or PN nutrition for PICU patients who have a range of conditions