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Pediatric Assessment Tools - Module 1: Optimal nutrition in critically ill children

Infant / Pediatric
E-Learnings (NO CE, NO CME)

Nutrition screening and assessment tools to help identify malnutrition in the critically ill children

Original program date:
Sep 02, 2019
Expiration date:
Feb 28, 2022
Continuing education
Program description:
  • Rationale for nutritional assessment of critically ill children
  • Physical examination, anthropometry and nutritional history
  • Malnutrition screening and assessment tools
  • Serum biomarkers
  • Nutritional assessment: Roles and responsibilities
  • Test your knowledge
Program Objectives:
  • To understand the need for accurate nutritional and anthropometric assessment of critically ill children
  • To be able to take a thorough nutrition-focused medical history of a child admitted to the PICU
  • To understand which anthropometric assessments are required to help determine the nutritional status of the child, and how to obtain thorough, accurate measurements
  • To be able to determine whether the child is at risk of malnutrition, or is already malnourished
  • To be able to interpret baseline serum biomarkers