Terms and Conditions

As a leading nutrition institute in Africa, the NNIA is dedicated to furthering the understanding of the science of nutrition for people of all ages.

A panel of members of the NNIA Scientific Board with the relevant expertise in a given field, together with, when appropriate, co-opted established scientists in the relevant field of application, will assess all nominations.

Please note:


  • The decision of the panel will be final
  • The nominations must fall within the scope of NNIA’s focus areas
  • Nominees will be notified of the decision with a letter from the NNIA’s Scientific Board. At the same time, the nominee’s parent institution will be informed of the monetary value of the award, as the case may be
  • Successful nominee/s will be required to use the award money towards further work in the field of nutrition
  • All successful nominees will be expected to have their photographs, as well as a summary of their work done, published on the NNIA website and in the Annual Report