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Maternal and Infant Nutrition: Taking advantage of benefits of the 1st 1000 days of life

Posted:  Thursday, June 19, 2014

CWAR Advanced Nutrition Workshop (CANUP) 2014 for Anglophone Countries in Central and West Africa Organized in Ibadan, Nigeria by Nestlé Nutrition Institute Africa

Chioma Emma-Nwachukwu
NNIA Coordinator for Nigeria and Anglophone Countries

In pursuit of NNIA vision which aims at a future where people in the African continent live longer and healthier lives and based on feedback from previous editions of CANUP for Anglophone countries, the 2014 CANUP with the theme: “Maternal and Infant Nutrition: Taking advantage of benefits of the 1st 1000 days of life” held at the serene environment of International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA ), Ibadan, Nigeria, with a 3 day technical session (19th – 21st May 2014).

The Fifty Four (54) participants were drawn from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Liberia. There lectures were conducted by Prof James Renner, NNIA Vice chairman and Professor of Paediatrics; Prof Chinyere Ezeaka, Professorof Paediatrics and Consultant Neonatologist; Prof Steiner Asiedu, Professor of Public Health Nutrition and Head Department of Nutrition; Prof Samuel Omokhodion, Professor of Paediatrics; Dr Ada Okechukwu; Senior Lecturer/Consultant Paediatrician; Prof Charles Esimone; Professor of Pharmacy. The six renowned relevant resource persons had cross disciplinary and cultural background. The topics covered during the workshop include:

General Aspects of Infant Nutrition

Nutrition in pregnancy and Impact of Early Nutrition on Long-Term Health (1st 1000 Days of life window of opportunity)       
Breastfeeding: Ancient art, modern miracle / Hazards of Unsuitable Breast milk Substitutes   Recommended Nutrient Intakes in Children: Matters arising?    
Issues in Complementary feeding 
Growth Chart – New WHO directives (A practical guide)
Probiotics and Prebiotics in Paediatrics: What is the Evidence? 

Nutrition in Sick Children

Management of severe acute malnutrition in hospitalized infants
Long term neurocognitive outcome of Malnutrition 
Allergy prevention through Dietary Interventions      
Nutrition and Necrotizing Entero Colitis (NEC)
NNIW81: ‘Born Too Small or too soon’ (Summary and Key points) 

Research - Scientific proposal writing and research reporting

Helping Babies Breathe – Clinical practice

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) -projects which highlight efforts being made to ensure food safety and grain improvement for the African continent.

These made CANUP a good platform for building knowledge; sharing best practices, networking and proffering solutions to maternal and infant nutrition and health challenges in Africa. The participants did not only gain knowledge but expressed their unreserved willingness to take action and share knowledge gained in their various territories. 

Collaborators: Paediatric Association of Nigeria; Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Sierra Leone; Paediatric Society of Ghana; Ministry of Health, Oyo State; Nutrition Society of Nigeria; Paediatric Department , University College Hospital, Ibadan.

There are various press reports on CANUP 2014 in the national dailies The calls stakeholders for attention to Nutrition in the 1st 1000 Days of life and showcases Nestlé investment in improving nutrition knowledge through NNIA.

There was a 100% very good to excellent rating by the participants to the relevance and quality of the programme and faculty. While back home encouraging appreciation emails were sent by the participants. CANUP has carved a great niche for Nestlé and has continued to further strengthen our Nutrition Health and Wellness vision.

Some comments from participants: 

Dear Friends;
The Cameroonian delegation arrived safely back home as scheduled. We are most grateful to the Organizing Team, Scientific Committee, and all the Faculty Members who did everything in their respective capacities to ensure our competence in mother and child nutrition was strengthened thereby enhancing childhood survival.

Thanks to all the participants who were very friendly and cordial to us despite our late arrival; this facilitated our integration into the group. A million thanks to Prof. Renner for the excellent coordination of the presentations. His deep humility is surely a sign of greatness and excellence.

I hope all of us will remain advocates of best practices in childhood nutrition, thereby optimizing the adult potential of our children.
Best regards to All
Dr Andreas Chiabi
Yaounde - Cameroon

Dear ma,
CANUP 2014 was a great moment for me. It taught me more on the need for a team approach to meeting the nutrition needs of our children. The time for action is now and very soon we shall have good news for you.
DR OLATUNYA Oladele Simeon
Paediatrics Department
Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital
Ado Ekiti

We thank God for a safe journey back to our various destinations.We also remain most grateful to NNIA for providing the platform to meet these amazing group of remains an inspiring encounter ...the flame of which will continue to burn in our hearts in our various locations. We are prepared to maximize our Actions and Limit our In-actions for the good of our people.

Thank you to all of you great minds..and thank you Nestle &NNIA for the wonderful experience!