The Nutritionist

Editor(s): Nestlé Nutrition Institute Digest Series Vol.1 / 1,  2014


The Nutritionist’ is a digest series of clinical nutrition, applied dietetics and career development. It aims to capture the essence of the latest trends in the field of nutrition and applied dietetics. Various nutrition and dietetics topics will be covered under regular features such as lead article, special focus and emerging trends. Career insight will showcase features such as nutritionist speaks, career news and tips. Digital corner will help nutritionists befriend with technology. The trivia will tickle your minds and show funny side of our profession.

The first issue of ‘The Nutritionist’ kicks off with a lead article on “Shaping the Ecosystem of the Infant Gut” covering the much talked about role of probiotics and prebiotics in child health. Another area of focus in recent times is ‘vitamin D deficiency,’ which appears in the emerging trend section as “Vitamin D: Bone and Beyond.” “Role of Nutritional Supplements in Diabetes Care” provides the latest update on the recommendations, which will help dieticians and nutritionists in their practice. Ms. Anuja Agarwala, a dietician at the Department of Pediatrics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi shares her experience. “Digital Corner” exhibits two interesting apps, which can give nutritionists a tech-savvy edge.