NNI Newsletter December 2013 - Nestle Nutrition Institute India

Editor(s): NNI Newsletter Vol.1 / 6,  2013


Globally the number of deaths among children under five is attributed to severe wasting, stunting and intrauterine growth restriction constitute the largest proportion of all risk factors in this age group and are responsible for 2.2 million deaths (Lancet, Jan 2008). Studies have also shown that suboptimal breast feeding (i.e. non-exclusive) in the first 6 months of life leads to 1.4 million deaths a year in under five year old children.

Further, a large proportion of infants are thin and small at 1-2 years of age largely due to inappropriate complementary food during 6 to 24 months of age. India has one of the highest low birth weight rates (about 30%) in the world, largely due to intrauterine growth restriction. These events are associated with the usual consequences of malnutrition such as high morbidity and mortality and poor cognitive function.