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Yoga for building focus and motivation among children

Posted:  Friday, March 27, 2015

Yoga has been viewed as a physical fitness tool used to keep a check on weight. It has now emerged that imparting basic yoga techniques into regular theory-based lessons could help children to remain focussed and motivate them at school.

Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, lecturer Ms Jefferson-Buchanan believes that yoga techniques not only benefit teachers but also benefit a child’s health in a broader sense. She imparted simple yet practical examples of yoga techniques that teachers could incorporate into their classroom to benefit their students and themselves.

She believes that simple yoga techniques taught to children, could help them refocus, calm down, rebalance their vital energies and become more mindful. Elaborating on the benefits of yoga, she said, “When yoga techniques are regularly used with young children they can become powerful health and wellbeing tools and have the potential to address some of the health and esteem issues causing concern in young children.”

Not just that, yoga may also help in taking that edge off teachers due to their demanding profession. With rising competition, education has become a tough race for children, teachers and parents alike. Incorporating a yoga routine throughout the school day could bring about many beneficial health effects.

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