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Whole grains may cut inflammatory biomarkers in obese kids

Posted:  Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some unbelievable facts about whole grain foods benefit

Did you know that studies say, if an over- weight child consumes whole grain rich food for up to six weeks in continuation, his inflammation risks comes down to a great extent? Well, that’s true because Molecular Nutrition and Food Research have successfully come up with a research that proves that CRP(C reactive protein) levels in the blood are substantially decreased when a whole grain food diet is adapted.

The research with obese adolescent girls

Scientists in Iran carried out a trial research with about 45 adolescent girls who were obese and kept them on whole grain food diet. It was a two week alternation, with half of the girls eating whole grains and the other half eating refined grains. After a two week alternation for up to six weeks, it was visibly seen that The CRP was reduced up to 12% among the children who were given whole grain food diet. And among the candidates who were given a refined grain diet, the C reactive protein was seen to be increased up to 12%. The C reactive protein is an accelerator for inflammation markers.

It was also seen that systematic inflammation had a very important relationship with whole grain diet and that on consumption of whole grain rich food diet, the body gets automatically immune up to a certain level against many diseases. In 2007, Scientists discovered that whole grain foods had a characteristic of safeguarding post menopausal women against inflammatory diseases that could otherwise risk their mortality. Combination of whole grains such as barley, brown rice etc. not only cleared more toxins from the system but also enhanced the digestive power of the body. Researchers also found out that women who consumed refined grains were more prone to a condition called leaky gut than women who had a diet comprising on whole grain rich food.

Know about Systemic Inflammation

The whole grain council agrees that whole grain food benefits the body by safeguarding it against the probable risks of systemic inflammation by reducing the level of C reactive protein in the blood stream. But at first one needs to understand exactly what this “Systemic inflammation” is. The systemic inflammation response syndrome is a type of disease that affects the whole body and destroys its immunity capacity. It can cause higher respiratory rate, a higher heart beat rate and lower count of white blood cells in the body. Such kind of disease makes the body vulnerable to several diseases and blocking its own immunity system. Therefore whole grain rich food products help to actually build up the immunity level by supplying the body with adequate vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, roughage and phytoestrogens that help reduce the inflammatory markers.

It is also seen that whole grain foods are rich in dietary fibres which have appositive effect on the lipid oxidation of the body, thus resulting in balance of body weight and decreased inflammation levels. It also checks the blood sugar by keeping the C reactive protein formulation to a controlled state. However, researches made in this field have not been done for longer period and hence, the confirmation on the effect ensures that consumption of whole grain foods in children is definitely important for long term benefits.