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Weight loss plan better than usual diet for diabetes patients

Posted:  Friday, April 25, 2014

The perfect diabetic diet plan is no longer difficult

A breakthrough in the studies of diabetes occurred when commercial diet was formulated by practitioners to include a diet, especially to curtail type 2 diabetes. The diet food was introduced in the menu, as pre packaged food and also as an implementation for losing weight in type 2 diabetes affected people. A year after continuing with the simplified diet plan, the result was - great blood sugar levels!

A diet plan to improve lifestyle

Doctors from the University of California state that this commercial diabetic diet plan has not only helped reduce blood sugar levels, but have also helped people to adapt a better lifestyle by embracing healthy eating and proper exercising. Needless to say that obesity is an extremely important lookout in the United States according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The root cause for many heart and physical disability is mainly due to obesity, stroke, high cholesterol, cardiac arrests, to name a few.

More about Type 2 diabetes

Before anything, it is significant to make ourselves understand that diabetes and weight loss are not the most important lookouts in case one is suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Adult onset diabetes, what we generally know as Type 2 diabetes is a physical condition when the body becomes resistant to insulin and the pancreas itself does not have the capacity to produce enough of it. This is the reason why blood contains traces of glucose and due to the lack of insulin; it can go to higher levels and cause cardiac arrests. In simpler words, insulin, which acts as a user of glucose to convert into energy is very less in an individual suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

Major reasons behind Type 2 diabetes

A diabetic diet plan is only successful when one knows the major reasons behind the cause of it. Researches and other major scientific works have all pointed out that Diabetes is an outcome of tension, improper lifestyle, improper diet and the lack of a suitable exercise plan. Yes, it can be hereditary but the most important reason is probably the lack of self management in terms of leading a stressful life and irregular food consumption. A control over these general reasons means a good food intake and fitness regime and distressing one’s mind and body. This alone can result in having huge positive effects in keeping diabetes at bay or better in check.

The Jenny Craig research

Jenny Craig was a research that scheduled 227 over weight men with diabetes and weight loss problems, with a diet regime and monthly checkups. The candidates were grouped into three major groups, one on low fat diet, and the other on a low carbohydrate diet and the third on a usual diet with proper exercise sessions. After one year of the same research, it was seen that the group to which usual diet was supplied with exercise, participants lost 10 percent of their initial weight. The participants on low carbohydrate diet had good blood sugar levels in comparison to the participants on low fat diet.

Heart disease – The Main side-effect of iron consumption

Coronary heart disease or CHD in the medical term is a major outcome of inappropriate dietary patterns.