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Vitamin D and physical activity may help keep elderly women fit: study

Posted:  Thursday, January 22, 2015

In what could be termed as good news, a new study has revealed that a 12 week supplementation of 1200 IU vitamin D combined with circuit training may bring about beneficial changes in visceral fat and blood lipid profile among elderly women with low vitamin D status and type-2 diabetes.

Published in the Journal of Exercise Nutrition and Biochemistry, the study enrolled 52 elderly women with type-2 diabetes and vitamin D deficiency. They were randomly assigned to one of the 4 groups; namely the control group receiving no supplements or exercise, the circuit training group, the vitamin D supplementation group and finally the group receiving both supplementation and training.

The combination group displayed greater improvements in body composition, abdominal fat, blood lipid, and insulin resistance index compared to the supplementation or training only groups. The control group displayed no significant changes in these parameters.

The researchers believe that activation of the vitamin D receptor by vitamin D supplementation positively influences body composition and the homeostatic control ability of calcium. Talking about the results of the study, the researchers said, “Vitamin D supplementation was especially effective when it was complemented with exercise training.” Thus, the secret to ageing gracefully would be to get some physical activity and to ensure optimum vitamin D levels.

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