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Two out of 5 school children have unhealthy BMI finds a recent survey

Posted:  Monday, November 30, 2015

Schools are surely for education but restricting their role to just that could foster a generation that is obese/overweight. These were the troublesome findings of a recent school survey conducted in India by EduSports. The survey found that two out of five school kids reported an unhealthy body mass index (BMI) and 50% of the children lack adequate lower body strength. The only students who seemed to fare well in the physical fitness area were those from the schools that offered more than 3 periods of physical activity per week.

The survey involved 1.48 lakh students from across 87 cities and 26 states over academic year 2014-15. The study also compared a sub-sample of 23,889 students from 80 schools that offered a structured and age appropriate sports/ physical education programme against 27,281 kids from 85 schools that offered a general sports programme. The students were tested on sprint capacity, flexibility, upper body strength, abdominal strength and BMI.

They found that schools offering structured and age appropriate sports/physical education showed significant improvement across fitness parameters in comparison to schools which ran a general sports programme.

"Running, jumping and jogging are elements of sports which should be adopted very easily in the curriculum for junior classes. Physical education doesn't have to be only in the physical training period but also during English and Mathematics classes which will encourage the children to be little more active. Mathematics is not bound to your textbooks but it is a practical science you can use in everything. Incorporating physical education gives a very wholesome attitude to subjects and sports," suggested Anuradha Joshi, Principal, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Delhi.

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