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Tanzanian government to come up with new strategies to reduce maternal deaths

Posted:  Tuesday, June 09, 2015

According to the World Health Organization, the African nation of Tanzania may not be able to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) no. 5 which requires it to reduce maternal mortality rates by three quarters and achieve universal access to reproductive health by 2015. The Tanzanian Government is now devising new strategies to achieve this goal.

According to Mr Juma Nkamia, the Minister for Health and Social Welfare in Parliament, Deputy Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Tanzania is still in the clutches of poor maternal health. The MDG no. 5 dictates reduction of maternal mortality rates from 529 per 100,000 live births to 193 per 100,000 live births.

He spoke about the efforts already undertaken in 2009-2015 to reduce maternal mortality rates, new born and under five child deaths. “The efforts include bringing health services closer to people, increasing the number of health centres and building capacity of health officers to serve expectant mothers through in-house training”, he said.

The efforts seem to have borne fruit since the 2012 population census showed that maternal deaths were down to 32 per 100,000 live births.

Tanzania joined 189 countries when it endorsed the MDG in 2000 as part of international agreed development goals at the United Nations General Assembly. With new strategies, the Tanzanian government hopes to ramp up efforts to reduce maternal mortality rates.

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