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Study shows that low-carbohydrate diet improves the quality of life in patients with diabetes

Posted:  Friday, October 10, 2014

Altering the proportion of carbohydrate and fat content in the diet of patients with diabetes in order to achieve glycaemic control has been the focus of various studies in the recent years. A low carbohydrate diet has been shown to be much beneficial over a low fat diet in managing glucose levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes. However, if results from a recent study indicate that not only is a low carbohydrate diet beneficial for managing glucose levels, additionally it can also improve the quality of life of type-2 diabetes patients.

An earlier clinical trial involving type-2 diabetes patients found that participants on a low carbohydrate diet had better control on the blood glucose level in comparison to those on the low fat diet. Further extending the observations from this study, the researchers found that subjects in the low carbohydrate group reported improved physical components such as physical function, bodily pain and general health as compared to those on the low fat diet. The results from the latest study are published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practise journal.

Significantly although the low fat group showed weight loss they did not report any other improvements. Mental health was similar for both the groups and did not change in the study period.

“The result is interesting; it provides an additional argument that a low-carbohydrate diet is beneficial in diabetes,” said the researchers. The study participants themselves reported a decrease in hunger and reduction in the appetite for sweets.

Patients with diabetes generally face a lot of dietary restriction which makes it difficult for them to adhere to a management plan. Although a low carbohydrate diet may be difficult to follow, the advantage of a low carbohydrate diet in decreasing hunger and appetite for sweets might be beneficial especially in patients with diabetes.

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