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Study: Iron consumption can increase risk for heart disease

Posted:  Friday, April 25, 2014

Coronary Heart diseases do not necessarily mean only a heart disease, but also implies chronic heart disorders of many kinds. Researches show that excessive or irresponsible intake of cholesterol and fat containing food leads to a higher Coronary Heart disorder risk. Interesting and yet shocking is that researches also show that a lot many times, the effect of consumption of red meat is equally harmful as the intake of cholesterol and fat in terms of the CHD scaling. The American Heart Association put emphasis on greater burning up of fruits and vegetables, and lesser intake of meats, especially ones which are red or non- lean. The researches carried out over the last decade shows that cardio vascular health has a great deterioration risk when red meat consumption is done without proper dietary plans.

The occurrence of CHD

The Indiana School of public health has been able to come up with a research that can explain the link between consumption and iron and heart disease. It has been seen that consumption of red meat staggers the risks of cardiac health because red meat has a lot of iron content, in the form of hemp. The hemp found in red meat has been proved to potentially affect the heart coronaries and hamper cardio vascular health. The study states that about 57% of heart damage risk might occur in a particular person who has increased red meat consumption, than to the person who opts for lean meat of the same amount.

Side effects of excessive iron intake

The Journal of Nutrition however, has been able to properly throw light into the Iron consumption side effects. According to the researchers, higher iron consumption leads to a number of physical problems besides just cardio vascular disorders. The research was conducted on more than twenty thousand participants concluded that iron consumption causes side effects ranging from constipation, hyperactivity disorder, fatigue to the most serious cardio vascular conditions. The new study is exceptional since it comes across to the relations of total consumption of iron to be divided into heme and non- heme containing food. It clearly showed that only in the intake of heme containing food, a person is subjected to the risk of cardio vascular or other heart diseases.

Heme vs. Non- heme iron

It is practically shocking that iron and heart disease has a bridge of connection. That too iron containing heme in it rather than non- heme containing iron. This is practically because, non heme containing iron found in vegetables and fruits are easily absorbed by the body whereas meat sources of iron that contain heme do not get easily digested and absorbed by the body. If 37% percent of non heme iron is successfully absorbed by the body, then it is seen that only 5% heme iron will be absorbed by the same body. Even if the absorption level is higher, it staggers the oxidation process of LDLs, which in turn causes the risk for coronary heart diseases.