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Poor diets 'contributing to increased asthma prevalence'

Posted:  Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Latest report on Childhood obesity

Important progress in the field of Child Obesity in United States shows that latest researches need to take a look at the data. Although the child obesity rate is normal, the rate of obesity reaching a point of severity is rising in the population as pointed out by JAMA Paediatrics. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention called for a press conference to discuss the rise of obesity in pre-schoolers, but could not supplement scrutinized data by researchers for the future years.

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center looked at the same information as used by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and concluded a drop of obesity among preschool going students between 2103-2014 of 14% and about 8% in 2011-2012. Some researchers enquired about the CDC's declaration at the time, stating that they might be faulty because of an up and down of numbers.

What researchers have concluded about obesity levels?

There are many researchers who have studied the levels and effects of childhood obesity. Cynthia Ogden, in her CDC paper noted that the obesity levels in young children need careful interpretations. The data provided in CDC goes back into the last few decades, however the analysis made on the last decade is clear and understandable. Thomas Robinson who is an eminent researcher of child obesity In Stanford University stated that there is a little improvement on the growth curve of obesity in children after parents and children themselves have become aware and cautious about consumption of fat and its repercussions in the long run.. But it does not mean that people should confidently forget the issue as it is still at an alarming level. The comparative studies of the CDC have however remained the same. The total rate of child obesity has slowed down in the recent years according to the research, an approximate of 17% decline within the last five years of the decade. But the problem is that the obesity rate in adult has expanded twice to the rate and is holding steady. Skinner, in his new result from a recent research has put forth that during 1999 to 2012, the percentage of children and teenagers who are obese, has increased from 3.8% to 5.9%. The most severe childhood obesity of children who have the same body mass index as adults, i.e. 40 has staggered from 0.9% to 2.1%.

Conditions of obesity and severe obesity:

A child who is 10 years of age and 4 and a half feet tall is called obese when he reaches a body weight of 90 pounds. Severe obesity is the condition when the body weight of the child becomes 115 pounds and the worst obesity is when the child becomes 130 pounds heavy, according to prominent researches. Experts state that it is an understandable fact that obesity can give rise to non curable diseases like diabetes, high pressure levels, high cholesterol levels etc and can grow up to be extremely sick as adults. Childhood obesity in India can be stopped if a good diet is followed along with adequate exercise sessions with an obesity treatment program for children who are already obese.