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Physical activity is beneficial for late-life cognition

Posted:  Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to prevent dementia during old age

Dementia or the inability to think and remember has a big effect on people during their old ages. The brain basically loses the capacity to remember and think when a person is old. Researches show that if a person is physically active during their mid life, they can stay protected against old age dementia. University of Eastern Finland has found out that when a person is involved in physical activity, at least for twice every week, he or she has lesser chances of dementia during old age as compared to those who are less active. This throws light that when a person works well after mid life he has reduced chances of suffering from dementia later in life.

Dementia and its preventive measures

It is evident that for understanding how to prevent dementia in later stages, it is advisable that one knows the risk factors and the ways to prevent dementia, especially for the people who run higher risks of acquiring it. The most important lookout here is to increase the rate of cardio vascular exercise during mid life which can include both physical activities and even doing physical activities during leisure time during mid life. But the amount of physical activity that one must do also depends on certain biological factors like age, sex, weight etc. The understanding will be faulty if these biological factors are not kept in mind. Cardiovascular risk factors, aging and incidence of dementia (CAIDE) have been able to prove recently that when a body has adequate cardio vascular health during mid life, it is protected against dementia later. It is also seen that the risk factors of even obese or overweight people who were active during their midlife is less towards dementia regardless of sex, age, body mass etc.

Being physically fit is important

The benefits of physical activities are widespread. Not only does a consistent physical activity keep the metabolic and working process of the body in tune, it also improves the cardio vascular health of a person and improves all round health. Especially during midlife, if one is physically active, the brain and other organs of the body are at utmost level of efficiency even when the person ages. Trials that are ongoing processes of research, made by Finnish multi-center trial FINGER may give more detailed information about the nature, amount, and extent of physical action interventions that can be used for avoiding late-life cognitive decline. This has pointed out that when the body is involved in a physical activity, it helps in the functions of every cell and later results in the protection against dementia where the brain fails to react the way it needs to. Another important understanding of this, lies in the fact that even overweight people during their old age, have chances to be safeguarded against dementia if they do adequate physical and cardio vascular activities when they are in their mid life. To lead a respectable and independent life even in old age it is better to take up a physical activity.