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Paediatric burn patients may be deficient in vitamin D finds clinical trial

Posted:  Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It is known that the vitamin D status of paediatric burn patients is poor, but a recent clinical trial found that it remains so even after a year of discharge, necessitating the need for supplementation.

For this randomised double blinded study, the researchers enrolled 50 burn patients, ranging from infants to teenagers, with severe burn injuries. In addition to standard multivitamin supplementation, the patients were given vitamin D2, D3 and placebo daily. The difference in vitamin D status was compared at 4 intervals: baseline, midpoint of hospitalisation, discharge and one year post burn. The results were published in the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN).

The trial found no significant changes in the vitamin D levels among the groups. During the course of hospitalisation, the vitamin D levels improved. When the levels were measured during discharge, more than 10% patients reported low levels of vitamin D. These levels were much worse at the one year follow up. In addition, vitamin D deficiency was evident in 75% placebo patients, 56% patients in the vitamin D2 group and 25% patients in the vitamin D3 group.

Deficiency of vitamin D further compromises the health of paediatric burn patients and if the present study is to be followed, supplementation of vitamin D will help ease out this deficient condition.

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