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Oat oil preparation shown to aid satiety: study

Posted:  Thursday, November 27, 2014

In an interesting finding, a preparation made of oil extracted from oats, a high fat cereal, has been shown to produce greater satiety. Swedish researchers developed this oat oil with extra high levels of polar fats using a new method. These polar fats are not used by the body to store energy; instead, they act as building blocks in cell membranes and as signalling substances.

The oat oil preparation resembles mayonnaise, the difference being the small size of the fat particles. The combined effect of both the particle size and the special composition of the oat oil are thought to delay the breakdown of fat and/or its uptake in the gut.

The study published in the journal Food & Nutrition Research included 34 healthy individuals who were given different quantities of the oat oil preparation as part of a normal breakfast. The researchers found that the levels of three different satiety hormones, namely PYY, GLP-1 and CCK in the intestines rose more with the oat oil preparation than with placebo 3-7 hours after the meal. This produced a corresponding rise in the feeling of satiety among the participants.

Surprisingly, this oat oil preparation also increased the release of the hormone GLP-2 that promotes the growth of intestinal cells and exerts beneficial effects on sugar and free fatty acids in the blood.

"Our results suggest that the oat oil preparation could be an effective dietary supplement that supports reduced energy intake in a healthy way. However, more studies are needed to confirm our results and further chart the mechanisms", said Lena Ohlsson, a medical researcher at Lund University.

Constant consumption of high-energy food has been shown to dull satiety signals and supplements can reinforce satiety. Oat oil preparation may help increase the levels of satiety hormones, keep full for longer time, and avoid overeating.

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