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Now, child’s diet may be the key to unlock academic success; CDC says

Posted:  Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Come morning, breakfast helps break the fast and also preps the body physiologically for the long day. However, with busy lives, breakfast is most often sacrificed for the want of time. This practise could land children’s academic course in jeopardy. According to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a child’s attendance and academic performance could be closely connected to healthy balanced meals namely breakfast.

Research has shown that feeding a healthy breakfast to children to be linked to better memory, better tests scores, better attention span, healthier body weights and improved overall nutrition. It has been found that American children tend to skip breakfast more often. Experts suggest inculcating this simple lifestyle change to go a long way in improving the child overall health.

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle practices, if followed by the entire family would help set a good example for the kids to follow. Health experts suggest a simple method for parents to pick out healthy foods for their children; the greener the better in nutrients. They suggest filling the children’s plate with vegetables and the rest of it could be fruits, whole grains and proteins. Low fat versions of calcium rich foods such as milk could be preferred over the regular one.

So, how can one ensure that they don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends some simple practical tips to ensure breakfast is a part of the family meal too. They are:

- Building breakfast as a part of the schedule: In most households, breakfast could assume least importance in the scheme of things. Calculate the time kids might take to eat their breakfast without feeling pressured and then work around this schedule.

- Preparing breakfast a night before: Breakfast options such as boiled eggs, fruit salads could be prepared in advance to address the time crunch

- Making sleep a priority: When children get enough sleep, they will be more likely to sit down for breakfast in the morning

- Choose schools that could offer breakfast: Many schools provide breakfast on site. This could be beneficial for the family budget and also for the child’s health.

Children are great future resource to any country. If a healthy breakfast can ensure they succeed academically then it is worth the early morning effort for parents.

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