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JPEN Supplement: Perioperative Nutrition Therapy: North American Surgical Nutrition Summit Report is published

Posted:  Wednesday, November 20, 2013

JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr-2013-Martindale-5S-20S.pdf

This publication contains the articles (9) resulting from the Nestlé Nutrition Institute North American Surgical Summit which took place September 2012. Sixteen experts in surgical nutrition and quality practice improvement met to discuss how to incorporate perioperative nutrition into elective surgical practice. Most importantly, the summary article from Dr. Stephen McClave captures the five (5) consensus recommendations for surgical nutrition developed as a result of this meeting.

The publication in its entirety is posted to the Nestlé Nutrition Institute website and can be downloaded free of charge.The following URL links directly to the articles on the site

Perioperative Nutrition: What Is the Current Landscape? 

The Surgically Induced Stress Response

Factors That Impact Patient Outcome: Nutrition Assessment

An Evidence-Based Approach to Perioperative Nutrition Support in the Elective Surgery Patient

Pharmaconutrition Review: Physiological Mechanisms

Clinical Evidence for Pharmaconutrition in Major Elective Surgery

Appropriate Use of Parenteral Nutrition Through the Perioperative Period

Driving Perioperative Nutrition Quality Improvement Processes Forward!

Summary Points and Consensus Recommendations from the North American Surgical Nutrition Summit