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New process brings the goodness of brown bread in its white cousin

Posted:  Friday, December 12, 2014

For many, choosing brown bread over white means sacrificing taste and visual appeal. But now one no longer needs to make this sacrifice for health because a group of European researchers have found a way to make bread nutritious without losing the attractiveness offered by white bread.

There are 2 types of breads available in the market, wholemeal or brown bread and white bread. Since white bread is deficient in fibre, it is usually not recommended. The European Union funded HEALTHBREAD project came up with an innovative solution to provide the nutritional benefits of brown bread while retaining the sensory qualities of white bread.

Wholemeal breads retain bran, which does provide good nutrients and fibre, but also imparts a bitter taste and the dark colour. To overcome this problem, the researchers developed a clever milling process that selects certain parts of the bran without conferring the disagreeable taste and colour. They even changed the fermentation process used for making the bread to add more beneficial qualities.

"We wanted to put the nutritional benefits of wholemeal bread - and possibly even beyond that - in bread products that have the taste and other qualities of white bread," said senior researcher Jan-Willem van der Kamp.

Since the incidence of lifestyle conditions like diabetes, obesity and cancer is on the rise, a fibre-rich diet could play a very important role in disease prevention. Developing visually appealing yet nutritious breads with a good fibre profile could encourage people to pick them off the shelves.

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