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Natural Compound From Green Tomatoes Stimulates Muscle Growth and Improves Muscle Strength

Posted:  Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Green tomatoes as great body building supplements

Many a times, people who want to build stronger muscles are intimidated by the protein shakes and whey shakes available in the market. But weird as it may sound, nature also has its own way of improving the size and strength of muscles. And nature’s gift for a fuller and bigger muscle is green tomatoes. Yes, you saw that correct! Scientists from Iowa have done a research on tomatidine, the compound in tomatoes and found out that besides compounds in apple peel that have the muscle boosting capability, green tomatoes are also helpful in building muscles and safeguarding them against any weakening.

More about increasing the muscular health

For people who are already acquainted about how to build muscles, muscle atrophy is a known term. Muscle atrophy is basically the wearing away or wastage of muscles that can be caused due to a series of reasons starting from bone injuries, orthopaedic complications, cancer, heart failure etc. Atrophies caused with muscles have wide ranging side effects like fatigue, tiredness, inability to do physical activities, twitches, strains and fractures etc. It has been found out that about 50 million people around the world suffer from severe conditions of muscle atrophy. In America alone, 30 million people who are above 60 years of age need to take medical rehabilitation due to muscular atrophy. Researcher in Biophysics and Physiology, Dr. Christopher Adams points out that although muscular atrophy can be avoided with exercise during early ages there are not guaranteed ways for its treatment.

How can tomatoes help in the process?

In the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Dr. Adams used a biological system tool called the connectivity map, designed by Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University to understand the importance of green tomatoes as a body building supplement. It was thereby found out that a compound known as tomatidine, present in green tomatoes have the opposite gene expression to the condition of muscle atrophy in humans. After this remarkable discovery, the team also applied tomatidine on skeletal muscles to see the effect of the compound. The result showed that tomatidine improved the muscular growth of cultured cells in human making them stronger and with better tenacity. The second part of the research was to apply tomatidine in the diet of mice. The research turned successful and it was seen that mice fed with tomatidine had bigger and larger muscles as compared to the controlled counterparts. What was more interesting was that the body weight of the mice with bigger muscles did not increase due to tomatidine because a substantial amount of fat was lost from the body, furthering that tomatidine had the property to treat obesity. As the research is still ongoing, it is difficult to conclude on the dosage of tomatidine and whether the concentration given to the mice can have the similar results in humans. But still, the team has found out that tomatidine is a better body building supplement than ursolic acid present in green apples. This current disclosure will be happily welcome by all those yearning for strong muscles.