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Milk proteins plus exercise may boost cardiovascular health for obese women

Posted:  Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It is a well-established fact that high blood pressure levels and increased arterial stiff are risk factors for the occurrence of poor cardiovascular health. However, a new study reported that when, whey or casein protein supplements are combined with exercise can have a beneficial impact on blood pressure and arterial stiffness among young obese women suffering from hypertension which is an indication of poor cardiovascular health.

Scientists from Florida State University reported that the addition of milk protein supplements to exercise training showed a substantial decrease in systolic blood pressure calculated at the brachial artery in the arm and the aorta, as compared to a controlled exercise group at the beginning of the study.

Researchers in the American Journal of Hypertension noted that dairy products can be additional method to promote cardiovascular health and the prevention or treatment of hypertension. The intake of whey or caesium supplements and calcium combined with exercise can encourage cardiovascular health in obese women.

Greg Miller PhD, President of the Dairy Research Institute and Executive VP of the National Dairy Council lauded the findings of the study. He praised the study for examining the link between the cardiovascular health and exercise. It focused on cardiovascular health for obese women.

“This study examined the combined effect of exercise training and dairy protein supplementation (either whey or casein) on measures of blood pressure and vascular function in young obese women.” He added, “The whey and casein conditions resulted in significant improvements in systolic blood pressure and vascular function. No changes for the control group. Exercise without protein had no effect, indicating a unique role for dairy proteins. Results are consistent with previous studies showing dairy proteins have a favourable effect on blood pressure and vascular function.”

Results showed that additionally to the benefits of Whey protein there was a reduction in brachial and aortic blood pressure .i.e. overall cardiovascular health along with an improvement in arterial stiffness. This was calculated by brachial–ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV).

The mechanisms by which milk proteins improve cardiovascular health is not clear. However, the study was able to verify for the first time that whey and casein supplementation combined with CET resulted in favourable effects cardiovascular health.”

Cardiovascular Health For Obese Women

Exercise contributes majorly in maintaining cardiovascular health. For women who are obese, heart disease and diabetes are major concerns. Making lifestyle and diet changes helps in promoting cardiovascular health, additionally, keeping your cholesterol and triglycerides in check also helps in improving blood pressure. Practicing an energy restricted, high protein, low-fat diet combined with exercise is good way to lose the fat. Fat concentrated on the midsection, is more likely to put more pressure on the heart leading to series of diseases.

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, fat-filled foods and lack of exercise can injure your arteries and weaken your heart.