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Mid day meal scheme to alter the menu, might replace tur dal with other dals due to rising cost

Posted:  Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bangalore’s mid day meal scheme might have a menu change soon. Due to soaring prices of tur dal, the Karnataka government has planned to replace it with other dals such as moong dal (green gram) or horse gram. Thus, school children could miss out on a preferred choice of dal due to this change.

In the existing mid day meal menu, tur dal is a must every day. According to government guidelines, for classes 1 to 5, the quantity of dal prescribed is 20 grams for a child, and for classes 6 to 8, it is 30 grams per child. The proposal to replace tur dal with alternate ones has been made to the Secretary of state and is due to be passed soon.

Tur dal prices have been a concern as they have been rising for the last 6 months. It was reported to be around Rs. 70 a kilo in March/April to a huge Rs. 180 a kilo presently. “The quantity will not vary in the revised menu, but tur dal will be replaced with other available and seasonal and locally available pulses,” a Government official said.

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