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Mediterranean diet may slow diabetes progression

Posted:  Thursday, April 24, 2014

The key to a balanced diet for sugar patients

Studies show that people who suffer from Diabetes, especially the Type 2, can have a more controlled level of blood sugar by having more of fishes and olive oil rather than restricting their palate to low carbohydrate and low fat diet. On the basis of an examination conducted through an eight year research, it was observed that candidates suffering from Type 2 diabetes who opted for a consistent Mediterranean sort of a diet (i.e. a diet comprising of olive oils, vegetables and fish) had a lower level of blood sugar than the ones who followed the low fat and low carbohydrate regime. Doctors studying the research suggest that such a diet improves the metabolism of the body and also helps to restrict diabetes.

The myth behind diabetic diet

Many a times it is seen that people suffering from diabetes and even doctors who involved in sugar patients diet, believe that restricting one’s diet is a necessary step towards reducing blood sugar levels. However, the breakthrough in research revealed - instead of a controlled diet, one must adapt to a diet that is healthy and at the same time has effectiveness in terms of drug control and physical processes. The myth that being fat is not a very good thing needs to be alternated and instead one needs to be more careful about what kind of fat to avoid. Not all types of fat are harmful for the body and its healthy physical process. Moreover, people who suffer from diabetes need to focus onto having a healthy and fulfilling diet that is appropriate rather than restricting their appetite which might lead to other side effects. Having good quantity of correct food and burning it out by proper exercise helps the body to function smoothly.

Calories and fats are the major lookout

To break a few myths, it is not just fat that can cause a major problem to the diet for sugar patients. The other enemy are the calories taken in. In fact, cutting down on the calories is as important as having the correct amount and type of fat in food. In a Mediterranean kind of a diet, the intake of fat is seen to be 30% more than the daily calorie intake. However the fat that comes from food items like fishes, olive oil and vegetables are all mono saturated and hence the body does not find it difficult to absorb and burn it during physical activities. The University of Naples conducted research on men and women having Type 2 diabetes and allotted two different diets, while one group was given Mediterranean diet, the other group was given low fat diet. The calorie content in the food and the dietary requirements were all controlled. At the end of six years, all the candidates who were given low fat diet started taking up Diabetic medication. But even at the end of eight years, the Mediterranean diet for sugar patients kept them away from medicines. The key, as told by Diabetes experts, is to abstain from consumption of saturated fats.