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Maternal weight and iron status may help predict risk of allergy in infant

Posted:  Friday, April 10, 2015

Allergic conditions have multiple contributing factors and hence it could get difficult to predict the exact reason. A new study has now found that poor iron status in the foetus could be an additional factor precipitating the occurrence of allergies earlier in life.

Earlier studies have found that iron stores could help in determining the immune response. It is known that in pregnancy, maternal weight gain could impair the delivery of iron to the growing foetus. The new study, published in Journal of Perinatology, evaluated maternal weight gain, its affect on infant cord blood iron status and the risk of oeosinophillia, an atopic disease in them.

The researchers found that high maternal pregnancy weight was significantly associated with an increased risk of oeosinophillia in infants by modulating the cord ferritin levels. Additionally, they also found that infants with oeosinophillia had fewer cord ferritin values indicating it could be an additional risk factor.

Although further large scale epidemiological studies are required to identify poor cord ferritin values as a risk factor, it could be safe to say that mothers-to-be should carefully monitor the weight gain in pregnancy and ensure their iron status is good!

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